Launch a .bin file in a docker


First, I’m kinda new to docker and all software container.

I created a VM with CentOS 7 where I installed Docker and disabled SELinux, I got problem with that when I tried to start the daemon.

I created some containers, all went good.
But I need to launch a .bin file to install a software.
I created a container like this :
docker run --name docker1 -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY -i -t -v /home/docker:/home -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix centos /bin/bash

Creation is OK, no problem.
Now, I’m on the container, and I’m lauching my .bin file.
But I don’t have graphic, I have this message :
Graphical installers are not supported by the VM.

I though the " -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix " would have “installed” the graphics.

Did I do something wrong ? What did I miss ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry if a similar topic exist, I didn’t find it :confounded:



What is this software(.bin file)? Doesn’t this software have a command line installation other than launching as GUI?

Also the centos container (i hope you are using the default one) doesnt have the applications installed to run GUI applications.

If you have modified the Dockerfile please share that too here so that we can help you more on this.


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It’s a backup software.
I have to look if there is a command line installation but I’m use to GUI, that’s why I asked for help, bad habit maybe :smile:

I didn’t use a Dockerfile, I only did a docker pull centos and then I created my containers from that.

You said the default centos container doesn’t have the applications.
What applications I need to install ?


Kde is one gui that you can use. There is a way in red hat to bring up a
gui to install stuff . I dont have the exact commard but it might be
like. Nmtui or something Ui or nmui or ???. I will post here when i
get to work the exact command

if you wanted to install the graphical admin tools, you would do yum
groupinstall “Graphical Administration Tools”

Unless I have a copy of the .bin file and do a trial and error I won’t be able to guess the required dependencies.

Anyway I found a close match discussion in centos forums and it may help you.

Finally you should use the GUI installation only if you don’t have the CLI option. Depending on GUI will lack flexibility around automation and portability.


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Hi everyone,

In the end, I find a way.
I took this :
Now I’m using VNC and I can launch my .bin file into the container.

Thanks for your help guys!!