Learning Docker, getting-started tutorial, Play with Docker login error

When attempting Play with Docker Login, I immediately get “Invalid_request google-oauth2 does not exist or is not a domain connection (connection.is_domain_connection: false)”. Also, displayed is “Tracking ID: bbd6b6db69985d7c7479” and a button that takes me “Back to home page”. I’ve searched for information on this community forum and cam up empty. General web search turned up this …

but that content has no meaning to me, i.e., no clue where to start. Does anyone know how to address this problem? Thanks for any assistance.

Please, share what you actually trying to do. If you are following a tutorial, share the link if there is one. “playing with Docker login” could mean you just want to login to Docker Hub which wouldn’t involve Google Auth. So what commands are you trying to run? What registry do you want to log in?

Thank you for your reply.

Here is a screenshot from the tutorial…

I click the “Play with Docker” link and Play with Docker is launched.
I click Login and select docker, then another window comes up containing the error:
Invalid_request google-oauth2 does not exist or is not a domain connection (connection.is_domain_connection: false) Tracking ID: c7ce762a0d9b31a9d7e9

Hopefully, you’re able to see the jpeg file that I uploaded.

It was probably a temporary issue on Play with Docker. It seems to be working now. I never saw that error message.

Are you the same person with two diffrent accounts by the way? @krisf47 @kmfraley47 If you are, please, try using the forum with one. Otherwise the spam filter could consider it suspicious and block the posts again. I accepted them.