Linked repository autobuild no longer working

I created multiple dockerhub repositories. These were created with the classic autobuild. In the classic autobuild everything was working fine but now the linking of repositories does not seem to be correct since dockerhub migrated/updated. I have not changed anything in the repositories myself. Before with the classic setup, I would have a repository, bioconductor/devel_base2 image that builds on a github pushed tag. And then since another image bioconductor/devel_core2 is built from bioconductor/devel_base2, I would use the linked repository to trigger the build once there was a successful build of the bioconductor/devel_base2. That functionality no longer appears to be working correctly. My bioconductor/devel_base2 image built today but there does not seem to be an associated build report of bioconductor/devel_core2. On the general pages for the repository you can see the successful build of devel_base2 but on the general page for devel_core2 the latest tag is a month old and the recent builds does not show anything from today. I did get an email saying there was a problem with the devel_core2 build but when I go to dockerhub I can’t even find an associated report to even prove that it was triggered and built!? There are actually no build reports that I can find for this repository at all!

I have attached the screenshot of the autobuild configuration (or what it apparenty was converted over too in the dockerhub migration). and yes in the dockerfile in out/devel_core the Dockerfile does contain the From devel_base2

So How do I get this devel_core2 repository autobuilding for a successfully built image of devel_base2 and registering as the latest tag? And where are all the build reports, even a failed build report would be helpful?

Side note: I do find this new interface really difficult to navigate and find the relevant information.

Hey, think you need to enable automated build in the build rules (the Autobuild toggle) in the pic to have the build triggered.

But I really only want it building off the rebuild of the upstream image, wouldn’t this make it build off pushed to the branch too? I was hoping there would be a way to only get built on the upstream image.

In that case i think you can have a stable branch or tag with repo link. Essentially repo link just trigger builds based on build rules.

I’m not sure I understand what would need to change? This is how the repository was migrated based on the “classic” autobuild so what would I have to change?