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Repository links, what am I doing wrong?

I searched through the Internet and this forum as well but didn’t find anything that helps. The last similar issue here was about one year ago, so it’s probably me who is missing something. Unless the whole community doesn’t use this feature at all)

I want to run just a toy example and failed to get it to work! No official images, regexps or anything like that.
Repo1 with auto build set up works, and I definitely have my-repo-1:latest, nothing hard:

FROM debian:stable-slim
WORKDIR /home/myfolder
RUN echo "here I am!"

And Repo2 with enabled repository links and Dockerfile:

FROM gitoleg/my-repo-1:latest
RUN echo "wheee!"

No build in the second repository is triggered.

Any thoughts? Did someone have the same? Did I miss an important article about repository links?

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