LocalStack Docker Extension

The LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop enables developers working with LocalStack to run their AWS applications or Lambdas entirely on their local machine without connecting to a remote cloud provider!

LocalStack empowers developers to use over 75+ AWS services locally while helping them simplify their testing and development workflow. LocalStack supports a comprehensive list of APIs, which you can view on our Feature coverage page.


Currently, the LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop supports the following features:

  • Control LocalStack: Start, stop, and restart LocalStack from the Docker Desktop. You can also see the current status of your LocalStack instance and navigate to LocalStack Web Application.
  • LocalStack insights: You can see the log information of the LocalStack instance and all the available services and their status on the service page.
  • LocalStack configurations: You can manage and use your profiles via configurations and create new configurations for your LocalStack instance.


You can install the LocalStack Extension for Docker Desktop via pulling our public Docker image from Docker Hub:

docker extension install localstack/localstack-docker-desktop:0.1.0

To setup the Docker Extension by building the image locally, you can run the following commands:

make install-extension

It will build the Docker image and install the extension on your Docker Desktop application.

Source Code: GitHub - localstack/localstack-docker-extension: Simple Docker Extension to control and manage your LocalStack instance

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