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Location of key pair in Windows

(Chrisdbarnett) #1


I’m on Windows 10 and everything appears to working fine with regards to the Docker toolkit for Windows. Well, everything is fine as far as I can tell!

Now I’m at the stage where I need to work with a Dockerfile.

It appears that using the GitBash in Windows isn’t going to cut it and to be honest, I’m following the video tutorials and the instructor appears to be using Putty on a Windows machine, so it’s about time I setup connecting to the Docker VM using Putty.

According to the documentation the private key is stored at:


I can’t find anything at that location.

Any ideas anyone?



(Jeff Anderson) #2

That boot2docker location is from the deprecated boot2docker cli utility.

If you want to ssh to your VM, your best bet will be to run docker-machine ssh default.

(Chrisdbarnett) #3

Hi Thanks for your reply.

Please bear in mind that I’m a complete nooblet!

I think you’re saying that I should run docker-machine ssh default from the Windows Command prompt. Which I did…but there seems to be terminal compatibility issues … the delete key isn’t working very nicely!


(Chrisdbarnett) #4

Cygwin to the rescue!!!

With Cygwin things appear to be working well. So I’ll run with that for now.

Many thanks.