Logs spewing all over stdout

Just had to move away from our solution on docker cloud as the code is too far out of date. Now trying to do things the hard way with command line :confused:
Trying to get my head around why compose is not everything in yaml file in foreground (which kind of makes a mockery of the ‘down’ command :slight_smile: )
Is there a more elegant way of getting the containers invoked by a docker-compose up to run effectively as daemons than putting the whole thing in a nohup wrapper? (ubuntu jessie, docker 1.11.2, compose 1.8.0-rc2)

docker-compose up -d?

Groan! So here’sthe logic. Yes, know about detatch from docker run, etc. doesn’t show up in the docker-compose usage. Doesn’t come up in the docker compose documentation (that I saw). Therefore, never actually tried it. Forgot the rule of the ‘undocumented feature’ :blush:

It’s mentioned on the documentation page for docker-compose up at https://docs.docker.com/compose/reference/up/ as well as when running docker-compose up --help. Might have been updated recently though. :slight_smile:

    -d                         Detached mode: Run containers in the background,
                               print new container names.
                               Incompatible with --abort-on-container-exit.