Can containers be run with "-it" in compose?

One of my containers needs to be run with -it to work, is that possible to do in compose? I can’t find anything about it in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.

-i doesn’t really make sense with docker-compose up (up is a one-way command generally, not interactive, which either backgrounds or presents the pretty interlaced logs for the containers).

However you can use docker-compose run which does -it by default for the containers it runs (if I understand correctly).

For example:

$ docker-compose run --help
By default, linked services will be started, unless they are already
running. If you do not want to start linked services, use
`docker-compose run --no-deps SERVICE COMMAND [ARGS...]`.

Usage: run [options] [-p PORT...] [-e KEY=VAL...] SERVICE [COMMAND] [ARGS...]

    -d                    Detached mode: Run container in the background, print
                          new container name.
    --name NAME           Assign a name to the container
    --entrypoint CMD      Override the entrypoint of the image.
    -e KEY=VAL            Set an environment variable (can be used multiple times)
    -u, --user=""         Run as specified username or uid
    --no-deps             Don't start linked services.
    --rm                  Remove container after run. Ignored in detached mode.
    -p, --publish=[]      Publish a container's port(s) to the host
    --service-ports       Run command with the service's ports enabled and mapped
                          to the host.
    -T                    Disable pseudo-tty allocation. By default `docker-compose run`
                          allocates a TTY.
    -w, --workdir=""      Working directory inside the container
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