Loosing network connection from time to time

Expected behavior

apt-get update from my dockerfile should work when executed while building an image

Actual behavior

From time to time, the network connection is lost and apt-get update fails. A ping inside the image fails to ping too.


I’ve updated to Docker for mac 1.11.1 this morning and the problem seems to happen much more frequently now.

Note that when the problem appears, if I close Docker for mac and restart it again, it usually works thereafter for some time. Till it fails again after some time.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

In a dockerfile just put:

FROM debian:jessie
RUN apt-get update

I have similar issue with my sharded mongodb cluster.

Thanks for the report.
I’ve run docker build --no-cache . against the sample Dockerfile over 200 times in a script and it hasn’t failed yet against the latest dev version. Can you confirm (exactly) which version of the beta you are using? Also the output of pinata diagnose -u would be really helpful when this issue arises.

If you’re on Beta 10, let’s hope this is fixed in the Beta 11 release due this week.

Thanks for trying Docker for Mac!

I have a similar issue on windows. I installed a docker node. When I npm install a big project I loose the connection on all my dockers.