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Lost all images and containers on mac crash

(Jacekelgda) #1

Expected behavior

My images are stored in file system outside of docker machine

Actual behavior

My images and containers has been removed due to system crash


The biggest advantage of using docker in local development is that most of my work is stored in images and containers, containers might not be running but their state is saved in filesystem, that way when my computer restarts or crashers I still have access to my data.
My mac just crashed and after running docker I can see no images or containers available. That means I need to download and build everything from scratch - (back to vagrant times we are ?).
Docker tools didn’t have problems with this.

(Justin Cormack) #2

Hi, I am sorry that happened. Generally the images should stay after a crash unless the virtual machine filesystem is corrupted and unreadable. The setup is not significantly different from docker toolbox in this at present, although we may make improvements in future.