macOS UI feedback

macOS UI feedback
macOS High Sierra v10.13.6
Docker for Mac, Engine v18.09.0
To reproduce, install Docker for Mac and explore?

Dear Dockers,

Before I forget, just some quick feedback after installing docker for mac and working through tutorials. If this is useful, please forward to whatever team handles macOS UI.

  1. My old (2011) macbook pro has 1 processor with 4 cores. I’m pretty sure its CPU Usage graphic used to show four columns of activity, now it shows eight. Docker Preferences > Advanced shows I accepted default of 4 CPUs that docker recommended.

  2. With docker running, I right-clicked its dock icon and selected Keep In Dock so it is easy to find. When docker is running, there is no small black dot under its dock icon indicating so. No showstopper, just some UI lint.

  3. I forget what (3) was.

Kudos to all the docker developers, this is fascinating software.