Docker desktop on Mac with Intel chip (Monterrey 12.1) stuck at startup

Since Friday 2/25/2022 Docker desktop on Mac with Intel chip (Monterrey 12.1) is getting stuck at startup.
Activity monitor is showing Docker not responding with almost 0 CPU utilization and time.
The Docker Desktop menu / icon is not showing up either.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several versions down to 4.2.0 with no avail.
What are my options at this point?


Same issue here, have you figured out the fix?

Two more instances of the same problem on a MacBook Pro. Anyone, any info?

Thanks in advance!

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If you reinstall Docker Desktop, make sure you remove it first completely. I have made a video about that. These are just ideas, not an exact solution that works for everyone on every machine: Uninstalling Docker Desktop properly on macOS - YouTube

If it doesn’t help, you can create an issue on GitHub:

I have been using Docker Desktop on my Mac (m1) for a long time and I have removed, reinstalled it many times. The only time when I saw it could not start properly when I changed some settings after the installation. I also show that in an other video: Install Docker Desktop for Mac like a pro in 14 minutes - YouTube

Then I had to stop Docker Desktop and start it again to make it work.

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My solution was to uninstall Docker and revert to the older version. Working like a charm, looking forward to the next update.

Thanks a lot, man!

Indeed, making sure the com.docker.vmnetd service is stopped via the Activity Monitor was key!