Make docker more beginner friendly, please: F1, context menus and contextual hints

I know docker is mainly being used by developers, and developers are generally skilled computer users. Still, I think docker could relatively easy be made a bit more accessible.

  • Why doesn’t F1 give you a help menu (or simply bring you to the website) on Windows?
  • If you create an image and then want to push it to the Docker Hub registry, chances are you will get a “requested access to the resource is denied” error. It would be helpful if you’d get a short hint as well as a link to the relevant documentation.
    Most tutorials deal with pushing via the command line, which is fine. But it would be quite helpful if the kebab menu for the image would offer the option to start a console.

All in all docker seems a fine application with respect to reliability and a structured approach, but it could be a bit better in terms of user friendliness.