MakeMKV container inaccessible via browser

Hi all,

im trying to run the jlesage/makemkv container for MakeMKV. It seems fairly straight forward, im not that experienced with Docker simple, running destroying and restarts are pretty much my limit.

I have pulled and run the container as described in the quick start instructions changing the drives for those on my system. I see it up when I list the container and forwarding to port 5800 however, when I try to browse to the IP of my host using port 5800 I just get the connection has timed out. I have restarted the container and checked the firewall which I have disabled just in case.

Actual command I ran is:

sudo docker run -d
-p 5800:5800
-v /docker/appdata/makemkv:/config:rw
-v /home/user:/storage:ro
-v /home/user/MakeMKV/output:/output:rw
–device /dev/sr0
–device /dev/mmcblk1p1

I`m really stuck as there are no errors I can research can anyone help or suggest anything to troubleshoot?