Mapping Multiple Physical Interfaces to Containers

Newbie to Docker. So far I am very intrigued with it and want to learn more.

I followed this guide to get a basic plex media server up and running. So far its running great.

The docker host itself is an ESXi guest machine running Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve added a second interface to the ESXi guest and attached it to another vlan on my network. Now the machine has 2 interfaces sitting on 172.29 and 172.25 networks.

Up to this point, all of the existing containers are sitting on the docker_default network and I can talk to them from my network using the docker host’s 172.29 address and published ports.

When I attempt to create a new docker bridge network and attach a new container to that network and tell the container to map the second address 172.25 to its published ports, I cannot access any of the published ports. I can see that the container is listening on the correct interface and ports using netstat. If I tcpdump the interface, all I see are SYN packets.

What am I missing? Is docker not automatically creating the proper bridges and veth interfaces to map between the physical interface IP and the local docker network IPs?

Thanks in advance for any advice.