Migrate docker Container from On-premise to Cloud (Azure)

I have been searching for this topic but without any luck :frowning:

So imagine this scenario where I have a machine (On-Premise) with Ubuntu and two containers (Wordpress + MySql) on docker engine (No Orchestration).
Now I want to move this containers to Azure, but maintaining my database data and wordpress files.

I have found that if I make a .tar file from wordpress volume and another one for MySql and then put this files on a VM on Azure, import the volumes from the files and restart the containers (I’m Using docker compose so the volumes have predefine names) I get the desired effect, but is it possible to this in a more “automated” away ?? :grinning:

And in this case my solution is spinning a Ubuntu virtual machine on Azure and running the container on docker engine, what if want to migrate to a Azure Container Service using Swarm or Kubbernetes ???