Minikube: Insufficient container memory

I have started using docker but to use k8s I need to install minikube. I am just a beginner in this field. when I run “minikube start” in the ubuntu terminal I get the following error.

Exiting due to RSRC_INSUFFICIENT_CONTAINER_MEMORY: docker only has 979MiB available, less than the required 1800MiB for Kubernetes
I have researched how to increase container memory. I didn’t get any solution. I have 7 Gb memory and 900+gb of hard disk

Hope this image helps you understand my problem. Any small help is also appreciated

I moved the topic from the Community category to General Discussions because the Community category is obviously (? maybe not) not for asking from the community which is the goal of the entire forum :slight_smile:

As for minikube, I guess you run free -h on your host machine and minikube limits the memory for the chosen driver. If it is docker (based on the error message I guess it is), than it is possible that you use Docker Desktop which is not even supported on Linux and Docker will run in a virtual machine so the actual available memory can be less.

I don’t actively use minikube, so I can’t tell you an exact solution. You may get a better answer on the Kubernetes forum:

Also read about the known issues of the Docker driver in the documentation:

The error “docker only has ***MiB” memory indicates that the minikube is trying to start from qemu driver. If you notice further in same error output, it suggests alternate drivers. You may choose to start it with kvm if you have enough memory space.

Ex: (in my case, refer the screenshot below), choosing the vm driver solved the issue…

$ minikube start --driver kvm2