Missing Slack option in Notifications section on DockerHub

So, the title says it all. I don’t have an option for Slack notifications in DockerHub settings, so I could get a notification to Slack when an autobuild finishes. I only have to enable it and they’d arrive to my email address. I’m also paying the subscription, thought maybe it’s not available for free users.

Anyone has a clue what’s going on?

Did you read about Slack notifications somewhere in the documentation? I couldn’t find it.

Here’s Slack Notifications in Pricing on docker’s official website. Standard > Pro > Team > Business, I’m paying for Pro so I should have them, but I can’t see the option anywhere in the Settings

Also here, for the reference

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Thank you for the link and pointing out that Slack is mentioned on the pricing page. Indeed, it looks like it was supported and somehow was removed, but I stil don’t know why and wheher it is permanent or not. The Documentation you linked seems like an “orphan” page. I couln§t find it in the navigation and when I open the page you shared, there is no navigation bar on the left side. I found an older version of the documentation on another site: Set up Docker Hub notifications in Slack_Docker中文网

It still has the link to the slack integration. It is possible that Slack is supported another way recently. When I searched for “Docker hub build slack notification” I found discussions about webhooks, but the webhook documentation doesn’t mention Slack either.

Webhooks are part of the autobuild feature which is available only for subsribed users, so it might be the reason why it is mentioned on the pricing page but I think it should mention “webhooks” not Slack then.

You can try webhooks following this guide from Slack: https://api.slack.com/messaging/webhooks

If it doesn’t help, you can try to open an issue on GitHub:

Thank you, went with Slack and webhooks integrations. I can have multiple webhooks on a single repo, rightr?

I don’t use webhooks now, but the name of the setting page is “Webhooks” not “Webhook” so you can probably create multiple webhooks :slight_smile: . I don’t think webhooks from other repos would be shown there.