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Mongo: shared vs simple tags

(Xyuri) #1


Mongo repository description says this is the place to ask for help.

What’s the difference between simple and shared tags? Is there a better place to ask?

Thanks in advance.

(Xyuri) #2

From what I can see, simple tags unambiguously identify an image, while shared tags gets assigned to several images. Thus, when you tell it to run an image by a shared tag, one of those get chosen based on your os/arch.

(Jordansalivan) #3

Be that as it may, the Apache server running on port 8080 of the host can be gotten to from inside web1/web2 holder, which implies the course from compartment to have is clear.

(Steven54) #4

Mongo Repository Description refers to this forum for the help. Even I have seen many like the same. Even this docker forums are the best places to get the doubts clear. Recently I have the same issue in my site run 3 and I solved it using this forum only.
Really Helpful forum on the web.