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Problems with "Sort" on Tags page

Hi all,

Has anybody noticed that the sort algorithm in the tags page for “newest” is unpredictable? For some reason it does not always bring your latest tag on top. We are doing daily builds for the last month as an experience to update the base images for our products on a monthly basis (we will change the build to happen only on the 1st of each month really soon). We wanted to send an email with the link to the tags page without having to send the sha but seems this does not work, you need to send the sha. So, we decided to send the user to the pages tag with the option to sort already defined. That also seems not to work well as even having in the url to sort by name (which is the only way we found to have the proper sort) the URL is always rewritten to “newest”, no matter what you do, and the “newest” does not actually put your latest image on top. I just can’t understand how the sort works there.

I believe there is a bug on that page. Sometimes you just reload and then it magically works… Any thoughts on that? How to send the sort=name and get it to stick when the page loads the first time?


Pablo Sanchez