Monitoring docker services using zabbix


We have created a docker image that has a drupal site and number of services like apache,mysql,zabbix,varnish,memcache etc. We are trying to monitor the service that are inside the container like apache, mysql etc using zabbix in another server.

We have piped the zabbixagent 10051 port to the 90 port of the machine in which the container is running.
We have configured the zabbix-server to hit the 90 port of the machine so that it will point to the zabbix-agent inside the container.
we used ipstraf network monitor and we can verify that the zabbix-server is trying to connect to the zabbix-agent.
But we are not able to monitor the container even though everything seems to work correctly.

Can anyone help with this? Or is there any other way to monitor the services inside the container using zabbix?