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Mount problems in Windows

(Gubak) #1

Hi everyone,

I am new in docker technology and I have some issue according to sharing Host OS folders to container. What I want to create is a php-apache-mysql development environment on Windows 10 OS.

What I did so far is: Installed Docker 1.9 (Windows 10 host OS, VirtualBox) and started PHP-APACHE container (Debian 8). The php-apache environment was setted properly, what I want is to mount the webpage source code files and folders (c:/workspace/www) to the container’s /var/www/html mountpoint. I did it with : “docker run -v //c:/workspace/www:/var/www/html …”, but when I log in to the container and check the /var/www/html, it is empty (actually c:/workspace/www is full of files and folders). I thought that the mount process failed, so I made some tests and mounted another windows directory (c:/users) with command: “docker run -v //c:/users:/var/www/html …”. This time everything was ok (the /var/www/html contained all the directories what c:/users contains.)

Do you have any idea how to solve this?


(Misterdelle) #2

The Virtualbox machine exports only /c/Users and so you can only mount directories under that folder. Try it in this way and see if it works.