Mount share on NAS in docker


this is my scenario:

NAS - OSX Host - VM - boot2docker(default) - container

  1. Because of older hardware I currently can’t switch to Docker for Mac, so I have to use Docker Toolbox

  2. On OS X host side there’s an smbfs Volume mounted /Volumes/nas-data which can be read/written by an specified user xyz

  3. Starting boot2docker

  4. Pulling the docker registry, starting it like follows:

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 -v /Volumes/nas-data/docker/:/var/lib/registry --restart=always --privileged --name registry_nas registry:2


Pushing any image to the registry results the data to be written locally within the container instead on the NAS share.

I have many topics read about the problems accessing shares but I don’t understand the problem:

If I start the registry image via “local” directory, e.g. /Users/username/docker:/var/lib/registry it works, the registry data will not be created within the container but rather within the local directory.

Why this doesn’t work with ( from OS X point of view) with an smbfs mounted NAS share?