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Mounted Windows share doesn't show contents within docker container?

I have asked … in no less thanthree different … places, and still have gotten zero replies, sooooo here I am asking at a 4th …

Rather than re-type it all out, please just click one of the links above for the summary.


What I’ve found for mounting Windows volumes on WSL2 containers is that the volume path looks like:

  • /c/[local path]:[container path]
    This may work for you if you mount the network volume to Windows, rather than to Linux to start with.
    Then if you need to access it from Linux, use /mnt/ to get to it.
    So if you map the network volume to, say, N:
  • /n/[local path]:[container path]

Thanks @rickspiewak, have you tried it yourself to see if it works?

This is from a working implementation, not a theoretical idea - using a local Windows folder, not a mapped network folder though.

@rickspiewak Can you give a network share a try?

Not soon. I’d recommend that you see if you can make it work with a local Windows share first, then just substitute a mapped network location.

That’s what I’ve done; no luck, that’s why I came here.

If you can’t make it work with a local Windows share, you may have file permission problems. Make that work first before you go to a network share - one step at a time.

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