No possibility to use network shares?


I’m trying to map a Windows network share to my docker containers (mainly because I do not want to share my whole C and E drives). To do so, I tried making a container with:

docker create --name radarr -p 7878:7878 -e TZ=Europe/Amsterdam -v \\\Docker\radarr:/config -v \\\Media:/media -v \\\Downloads:/downloads linuxserver/radarr

However, once in radarr, the folders don’t seem to be mapped at all (my media folder for instance is empty). I checked in the logs and the only thing I could find that is remotely related to this was:

[12:30:47.460][ApiProxy ][Info ] time=“2018-01-29T12:30:47+01:00” msg=“Rewrote mount \\\\\Docker\\radarr:/config (volumeDriver=) to /\n”

I have made sure that the network shares are accessible by everyone on the network (ideally this would only be accesible to certain users). But still, it will not work. Is this possible at all?

Operating system: Windows 10
Docker version: Version 17.12.0-ce-win47 (15139) (stable)

that create only creates symbolic names for the volume… it does NOT mount them to any container…

you still must use the volume mount syntax (either -v … or --volume,type=bind…) on docker run to actually mount the volume

Hi, i’m not sure if this will works on windows host, but i have used this command and works fine in linux nodes:

docker service create --mount type=volume,volume-opt=o=addr=IPADDRESS,volume-opt=device=:/VOLUME,volume-opt=type=nfs …