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Move docker-machine machines from one computer to another

What’s the best way to move docker-machine machines (remote not local host) from one computer to another (osx to windows). I have to change the config.json files for all the machines so it works on another computer, cuz the path to the certs and machine are all hardcoded in the config file.

while this approach works it’s a bit tedious if we need to share them to everyone on the team. Is there a way to export or import the machine? or there are other ways to archive what I am trying to do.


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Hello! Currently that is the best way to share machines. We are working on some internal changes to make it more portable. For now, you must keep the directory structures in tact to move from one to the other.

We have also discussed an export function but gets a bit difficult when using cloud providers.



Old thread, but I came across it while looking to share machines among my team.

There is now an NPM package that provides simple export and import commands.