Multiple ASP.NET projects

Hello, I use multiple projects ASP.NET WebForms solution in ASP.NET with website.
You can see it here:
How should I define dockerfiles or docker-compose file to be able to build all projects and then show default.aspx in one container?
More, if it would be possible then still use debug in visual studio.
Thank you

Do these projects all typically run on a single IIS server? If so, you can keep that approach and use this ASP.NET image or the base IIS image it is built from and simply drop-in all of your application code. If you want be closer to a real microservices implementation, you would split your projects across multiple containers (if it’s practical) and manage things that way. In either case, you can look at the Dockerfiles for the images linked above, either directly on Docker Hub or GitHub.

A container image build for your specific projects would just use one of the images above in the FROM line, COPY your code into the image, and run the same ENTRYPOINT that the images above use.

Here’s an example of something I did with WebSphere Liberty where I just dropped in the Java code, similar to what you are doing with your ASP.NET projects: