My docker containers seem to go to sleep

my docker containers seem to go to sleep. docker says they are still running but they are non responcive over my network. is there something i can do about that?

Can you tell more about your environment? Operating system, Docker version? Is it Centos that you wrote about in an other topic or Docker Desktop?

Can you access the container network locally? Can you “exec” into the container?

you answer another question a had as well…

CentOS 9 is the ase system, have docker containers runing Plexmedia server and Deluge.

the deluge one seems to become unresponsive after a time. though its been over night after i restarted the container and it still seems to e running properly

Please try what @rimelek suggested and report back:

We usualy ask questions to get a better understanding. Your response just covers one of the questions he had. If you want someone to understand your issue, you will need to help us to get a better understanding of your situation in order for us to be able to help you…

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since i turned off selinux for the other issue i was having, it doesnt seem to be repeating itself

i am trying to take it up with the selinux forum but they seem to not e accepting new member