My Docker for Windows environment has become unusable

Running 18.06.1-ce-win73 (19507) on an MSI with 32GB of RAM. Says its the current stable version.

For months, everything has been working great. I am developing on Windows PhpStorm, sharing the D drive into the running four containers - Nginx, PHP, Maria DB and Redis. I start up the environment with docker-compose up using Windows Power Shell, then do most everything else with WSL Ubuntu. I followed this guide to set up WSL Ubuntu integration with Docker.

Last week Friday, my PHP 7.2 application began throwing errors, and after inspecting the problem, it’s failing to write to the logs. When I try to tail the log inside the PHP container, it says:

"/Projects/main/storage/logs/laravel.log" could not be opened: failed to open stream: No such file or directory'

But when I ls -la /Projects/main/storage/logs the file is there. Very odd, right?

I have a more detailed overview on stackoverflow.

When I try going to Diagnose & Feedback, it says Error while gathering diagnostics: No diagnostic output at C:\Users\My User\AppData then looks like it’s cut off in the dialog.

Rebooting the machine, and restarting Docker have no effect on the issue.

I suppose my next steps are to reinstall Docker and rebuild my containers from scratch, but it sure would be nice to know what the heck happened. Nothing changed on the system that I can clearly identify.

Have you tried cycling the logs and keeping them to fixed sizes? Check lout the docker logs API and set the bounds in your docker compose.