Need help: converting a from amd64 to arm64

Hi, im looking for someone to help me to convert an awesome application made by someone else to support both linux/amd64 (original build) and linux/arm64.

I have been given the Git repo by the creator and have installed docker desktop on my windows but im lost on what to do next.

thanks in advance!!!

You can’T just convert an application or Docker image to support another architecture. You would need to rewrite or at least rebuild the application itself. It that doesn’t support the architecture, let’s say arm64 you can’t install it in an arm64 container. You can however emulate the existing architecture, so you can use an arm64 container on an amd64 host or an amd64 container on an arm64 host. That is built into Docker Desktop so you can just pass --platform linux/arm64 or to docker run on an amd64 host if the container is based on arm64, or --platform linux/amd64 on an arm64 host if the container is based on amd64.

Even if the application itself supports different architectures and you want to rebuild it, you need a base image that is also based on that architecture so without knowing what exactly you are trying to run, this is all I can tell you.

I think i have the git repo before he converted it to a docker immage…

What i dont quite understand at this point is how to import/open this repo and verify it is able to be compiled using buildx…

If i was understanding the docker file correct each of the mentioned dependancies is available as an arm64 version as well as amd64.

I could be misunderstanding what is needed to run the build. As im completely new to docker and definitely at the introductory phase of using the software.

My apologies if i am using the wrong terminologies in my explanation or request.

If woulf help to post the git repo please let me know

Sorry, I forgot about this topic. Could you solve your problem?

I’m not sure what you mean. If you have the source code with the Dockerfile, you can build it with docker build using platform options I recommended. You don’t even need the buildx command unless you want to build for two architectures at the same time.