Need help with 1st docker project

I am brand new to Docker.

I installed CentOS 7 as my base OS.

I successfully installed Docker.

But, in reading through the documentation, I am not certain of how to proceed, as I attempt to create my very first project.

I created a completely new filesystem on this CentOS server called:


Under this base directory, I am creating separate, fully self contained application directories such as:





The first application that I’m working with is the ICE project.

I installed EVERYTHING, under this particular directory structure, that is required for this particular project.

This /Docker_App/ICE directory structure is fully self contained, and has all of the software required to run, inside of this directory.

This /Docker_Apps/ICE directory contains the JRE, Apache_Tomcat, ICE software, and the “home” directory for the very unique UserID.

Because of the way I created this application, and because of the way I envision the apps running in the future, I should be able to simply copy this directory structure (via Docker) to any other operating system running Docker.

I will create a UserID for each application, that is unique to that application. I need to know how this is done via the dockerfile and requirements.txt file, as it pertains to different operating systems.

So, aside from importing this directory structure, the only other thing I should need to do, is to create the local, unique UserID on the target server.

Again, I am very new to Docker, and I am not 100% certain of what I am doing.

Is there a way to create the dockerfile and requirements.txt files to work with the applications, as I envision them.

In effect, I need to import the specified directory, and create the unique UserID.

I believe that should be it.

But again, I am so new to Docker, that I do not really know.

Any advice, help, or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and have a great day!