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Need help with disabling docker's windows event viewer logs


(Capahab) #1

Windows 10 Pro
Docker for Windows - windows containers - Version 17.12.0-ce-win47 (15139)

I’m seeing docker’s debug log in windows event viewer every 10 seconds.

debug: Calling GET /v1.34/containers/json?limit=0

I tried setting the C:\ProgramData\Docker\tmp-d4w\daemon.json debug: false but as soon as I restart the docker, it resets back to debug: true. I also tried setting the debug settings in C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources\windows-daemon-options.json to false but had no effect.

I checked to see if the docker engine service has any log switch but didn’t find any. The executable path is: “C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\dockerd.exe” --run-service --service-name docker -G domain\myusername --config-file C:\ProgramData\Docker\tmp-d4w\daemon.json

Docker continues to fill up the event viewer logs. No container is running. I like to disable this behavior and only log when I am doing diagnostics. Can someone help me with disabling the docker debug log?


(Solk) #2

I have about the same problem with version 18.03.0-ce-win59 (16762). I get the same message (debug: Calling GET /v1.34/containers/json?limit=0) posted every 20 seconds.

Any update on this?

(Eldazapsb) #3

same problem, cant start the window daemon because it requires to turn on window event logging


I’ve successfully solved this. First, shutdown all Docker services - sometimes applications update settings files on shutdown. Then, disable debugging in C:\ProgramData\Docker\tmp-d4w\daemon.json and C:\ProgramData\DockerDesktop\tmp-d4w\daemon.json. It was the latter that finally made the difference although I changed both. Start your Docker services again and your log should only show a “small” number of related events. There are still quite a few but nowhere near as many as before. It’s been about 5 minutes since I restarted and I have a little over half a screen full.