Need to delete docker and docker desktop folders in %appdata% on every restart

As the title says, I don’t know what kinda bug this is, but I have to delete those 2 folders every single time I restart my PC otherwise docker desktop just shits itself and does not respond (can’t close it, right clicking tray icon doesn’t do anything, I get an error that the service isn’t started).

I have the latest version (4.28).

The issue is also happening to my colleague. Both of us are trying to use Docker for Windows for local development.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Running windows 11.

Please make sure that your system meets with minimum requirement for Docker desktop. If need upgrade your system.

That is not the issue, I more than meet the minimum requirements, and running the latest windows 11.

After deleting those 2 folders everything works fine until restart.

What folders are you deleting on desktop? I’ve reinstalled and completely redone our complex setup 5 times in 2 days. Docker keeps shitting the bed and this just recently started.


Docker and Docker Desktop folders.

This is ridiculous, can someone give me an answer? This morning I forgot to delete those 2 folders before running docker desktop and now it’s broken completely and I have to completely reinstall, losing all of my data.