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How i can share directory with my host?

(Idir) #1

Hey everyone;

I think all is in the title, I have an error with the next command :

sudo docker run myimage -ti -v /home/julien/partage/:/home/partage
exec: "-ti": executable file not found in $PATH2015/06/29 10:39:23 Error response from daemon: Cannot start container b5993930417c33ac2a8eac88f665e906ea36ba53a0a36b37903ba09cd1ae033d: exec: "-ti": executable file not found in $PATH

thx :slight_smile:

(Kaleeswaran Narayanan) #2

@Idir, you can specify the docker run options before the image name, if you’ll give next to image, docker considered as an executable command . You can check with the command which is given below :-

sudo docker run -ti -v /home/julien/partage:/home/partage myimage

This will be work fine. Just try it and Let me know the status .


(Idir) #3

thx a lot @kaleeswaran now it’s working perfectly :slight_smile: