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.NET Core ASPNetApp docker file & image & container located

Hi, I am .NET developer, and I had two laptop with Window 10 version OS.


  1. Visual Studio Code installed.
  2. .NET SDK installed.
  3. Docker for Desktop installed.
  4. Or any other tools requirement for development.

Laptop-1 basically is for development .NET Apps and built deployment files.


  1. .NET SDK installed.
  2. Docker for Desktop installed.

Laptop-2 basically is non-development, act as production machine to run .NET applications
which is developed from Laptop-1.

Situation as below:-

In Laptop-1 Visual Studio Code, I developed a WebApp and successfully built image & container from dockerfile and run in container.

Now, i want to copy this WebApp containers (All files) to my sample production machine which is Laptop-2.


  1. May I know by default, in Laptop-1 where is my WebApp Images & Container all file in my laptop? Is it will default store into C:\Docker\ directory?
    Which is the docker for window installation folder?

  2. Can I manually copy the built files, and copy to my other Laptop-2?

I know there is many way to deploy the containers, such docker save & docker load, or upload to hub and so on.

But I new to docker, i which to try on above simple way in my home first.

Any details step by step guide I can refer to?

. NET Core can easily run in a Docker container. Containers provide a lightweight way to isolate your application from the rest of the host system, sharing just the kernel, and using resources given to your application.