Condition to setup Window OS Server to run .NET Core Container

Hi I done my first .NET Core WebApp in local development machine laptop, and successfully build docker file, image & container and run on local machine .NET Core IDE. My WebApp required to connect to third party API as well which is hosted in other Server 2, and is successfully tested in my local laptop.

Now I having another new clean Server 3, installed in Window 10:-

  1. As I know I need to install Docker Window in Server 3, what else i required to install to ready the server to run my container?

  2. If the network connection granted between Server 2 & Server 3, my WebApp Container
    will able connect to third party API hosted in Server 2 too?

  3. Assuming 1. & 2. is ready, understood that one of the option to deploy my container is upload to docker hub, and I can pull the container in Server 3. But is there any way to deploy my container without using docker hub?

  4. For item 3., meaning to say can i have alternate way to deploy my WebApp Container
    from my laptop to Server 3. For example copy file or etc?

Can kindly help on this thanks.