Network and link problem

I use the -p option to run a server container using opensuse as a baseimage, but the host client cannot access the server . The command I used is: docker run -it -p opensuse /bin/bash .Then I want to check if they can connect to each other by the method of --link and it has failed. So I run the server by typing docker run -it --name server opensuse /bin/bash and docker run -it --name client --link server:server opensuse /bin/bash. I cannot find the generated distinct environment variables by typing env in client container. And can you tell me where I can set the -icc=true, my host system is Suse Enterprise 12. By the way, the configuration parameters as following:

SERVER_REALM =       <= Server realm property
SERVER_PORT = 3870             <= Server tcp port
SERVER_FQDN =        <= Server IP

Thanks a lot!