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Network container

(Fredoo404) #1

Hello everybody!

I discover Docker and i love it!

I begin learn docker and i don’t found the reason for my problem in the official docs.

My problem :

I pull a fedora images. From this image i created a container.

In this container i installed a openssh service and i commit for have a new openssh images.

When i launch a container (with -P option) from my openssh images i don’t a map port …

Thank for helps!

(Fredoo404) #2


I found a track for my problem…

When i launch my container with "-i -t’ options with /bin/bash command (and i launch sshd -D in the prompt), i can see map port in the docker ps -l command.

But when i launch my container with -d options (/usr/sbin/sshd -D command), there are not map port …

If anyone have a idea …

thank’s !

(Sven Dowideit) #3

The first thing that occurs to me, is that sshd -D is not starting the daemon in the foreground, so the docker run -d.. is container exits.

perhaps you can show the output that you are getting (of both the docker run and docker ps) ?