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New docker user - couple of probably stupid new user questions


I just started getting interested in docker. Currently, I run Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using lamp/Word Press to self-host a small useless website - I did it for the learning experience and the fun.

About myself: Mainly a Windows (35 years) user (work/games/research) I’ve been experimenting with Linux for about 30 years off and on (Red Hat 1.0 was my first taste) - not enough to become a master, more than enough to become a slightly above average user. That being said, sometimes I may sound like I know more than I actually do - please treat me as a nim-wit when explaining and thank you all.

I know it’s an old statement (been saying it for 30 years:-) - If Linux would only run games like windows does, just games, I’d switch in a second. I am lucky enough to have 5 PC’s at my disposal but all but 1 of them has other jobs; so only one Linux box.

What I would like to do but know if it is possible before I spend weeks reading about docker.

My website currently runs on port 80 redirected to 443 - on my firewall I forward 80/443 to the web server. I would like to install a mail server and have it run web-mail (exposed to the world…sigh…scary thing that; for me anyways) also on 443 (doesn’t have to be - it’s just cleaner).

Is it possible to retain my current Linux/lamp setup AND install a mail-server in docker and keep their various config files/databases and everything separate so as to not overwrite my web related files?

As I said I do not have a separate Linux box to run the mail server on. I also have a Windows 2012R2 server that doesn’t do much except act as internal DNS here at home to about 30 networked devices. I assume a low volume mail server won’t kill it to much but I’d rather put it all on Linux. The mail server is mostly to send/receive emails from Word Press website (I don’t expect such if any:-) and one user account (me - I will use it for my own personal email).

The windows server is an i7 2600 OC’d to 4.3GHz with 16GB ram
The Linux box is an old Dell Core 2 Duo 3.1Ghz with 4GB ram. (I assume on Linux this is enough)

~$ free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           3.8G        836M        594M         61M        2.5G        2.7G

My wife and 2 sons are both programmers so if any programming/scripting would be involved I can get some help but I’d rather do it myself as an admin and for the learning experience so without programming and scripting would be ideal.

Any takers to comment about what you think I should do and how to get it done? I am open to suggestions for alternative methods to get this done if anyone has any ideas. Even if it’s “Do it like this and you won’t need to run docker…”.

I blab a lot - time to end this-sorry for the length.

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You can have a look at Mailu

Main features include:

  • Standard email server , IMAP and IMAP+, SMTP and Submission
  • Advanced email features , aliases, domain aliases, custom routing
  • Web access , multiple Webmails and administration interface
  • User features , aliases, auto-reply, auto-forward, fetched accounts
  • Admin features , global admins, announcements, per-domain delegation, quotas
  • Security , enforced TLS, Letsencrypt!, outgoing DKIM, anti-virus scanner
  • Antispam , auto-learn, greylisting, DMARC and SPF
  • Freedom , all FOSS components, no tracker included

BTW you can also summarize the long text with the help this.

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