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New to Docker and Containerisation


Hi guys
I have spent almost 7 years in working for CI/CD and Configuration management of product support. I have seen everywhere people discussing:

  1. Dockers
  2. Microservices
  3. Containerization
  4. Kubernetes and etc …

I have good powershell skills but i am not a programmer. I want to learn these stuff. Kindly guide me how to proceed.
How can i full fill this technical space. I use windows and hope to see you good and supporting answers accordingly.


(Gary Forghetti) #2


I recommend that you take an online class. I took this class -> Docker Mastery about 20 months ago. I highly recommend it. It’s $11.99 if you signup in the next 4 days.
The course lists for $199. So it’s 94% off. Very good course. Assumes that you know nothing about Docker and shows you how to install Docker on MacOS, Linux and Windows. The instructor is a Docker Caption and he is a very good instructor. You can even see free previews of some of the courses in that class.
And the instructor updates it regularly.