New to docker, trying to figure out why this container wont let me use whitespaces?


I’m very new to docker. I’ve tried to install this docker container Docker Hub and it works, the only issue is it cannot handle whitespaces in the playlist.xml file.

When i ssh into the docker once it is running and do a ls -l i can see that the translation for certain symbols are also incorrect. Anyone have any idea where to start here? The container seem to have apt-get enabled so i can install stuff into it, but i cannot for the life of me understand why it cannot understand spaces in the path for the ezstream playlist file?

Example: Run container with playlist.xml data : /music/test1.mp3 ← works
Example: Run container with playlist.xml data : /music/test 1.mp3 ← does not work , container says “cannot find file bla bla bla” and then it shuts off eventually.

I’ve attempted most things like adding “” for the path, or ‘’ or even test%201.mp3 or even test\ 1.mp3 but nothing works, it will only be able to access the file if it zero spaces.

As i am new to docker i dont know if this is a docker limitation? Seems very odd, am i missing something?

Hi :slight_smile:

I can see that the image is very old, 5 years since last updated and i can see that there has been a bug releated to your issue: Error 'No such file or directory' is not valid · Issue #4 · xiph/ezstream · GitHub

So maybe try and find another one, or challenge yourself to build your own image :wink:

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That is probably an other issue not related to how the application supports spaces in filenames. Character enncoding in Docker containers is not unicode by default. Adding the environment variable LC_ALL with the value C.UTF-8 can probably fix that and the shell will recognize unicode characters.

That issue with spaces, no. It is a common problem on Linux and software developers have to handle that. Doesn’t matter if it is in container or not.

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