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Docker website/ service in production. Beginner here

First, we have only been working with Docker for the past month so beginners for sure.

we do have a build process that builds a docker image and starts up a docker container for a website and a web service. The containers for INT and QA, run fine with https://machine:port, etc. and are behind a F5 load balancer (2 instances of the site container in QA).

Its a simple app and still work to be done on this over the next couple months (building out the site).

We are looking at deploying this to a PRODUCTION environment and my initial thoughts are two servers running docker desktop and have these sites and service load balanced. The initial production environment will be internal.

I know this will work OK but are we opening ourselves up to huge issues?

We are managing the images that are produced as build artifacts. We are keeping track of the code levels in the images in case we have to rebuild with new image that was fixed for vulnerability updates. Also looking at Docker enterprise and Docker registry. We are also looking at Docker Swarm mode / Kubernetes however we may not have that portion of work done before needing to go to production with the app.

I just wanted to make sure that my initial deploy to a production setting would not be a huge mistake. It seems like our load balanced QA instance is running fine.

Any suggestions for a beginning approach with best practices?

Any suggestion here would be much appreciated. Its a busy read but hoping to get some feedback on a bare bones acceptable production setup for a lightly used set of docker containers.