New to linux new to docker

Before i begin if this is in the wrong section apologies.

Right i am looking at creating a cluster (Redis) in docker.

Now i am looking to create resilience within the cluster using docker.

Physical Machines
A B C (Master)
B1 C1 A1 (slave)
C2 A2 B2 (slave)

I know this is not a redis forum but for me to complete a cluster this seemed the most logical way to create a cluster but using docker.

Now i have installed ubuntu and installed the docker. Read multiple articles that about this but no definitive guide on clustering.

So i have added a repo docker and also done a docker pull redis.

So if i cannot get an answer to the above can someone help me understand containers and how i populate the containers with say redis or any other application.

Also read about a swarm cluster but if the host that holds the manager role goes down the cluster will fail.

so i will finish on HEEEEELLLLPPP in the event that someone a) Has a sense of humour b) Likes to teach