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New user. Logitech Media Server and Squeezelite installation. How to?

I am completely new to Linux and Docker. I might be the dumbest possible user. 0

I have build a raspberry pi4 which runs open media vault with docker installed.

On top of that I would like to run Logitech Media Server as well as a Squeezelite player. Is there any how to that I have missed so far? I could not find any. Do I run the lms and player in docker or is there a better way? If yes how do I get those two to download and run?

Thanks for your patience

I am not quite sure if I got your question right. You have a PI with Docker installed and want to run Logitech Media Server and Squeezelite player?
If you don’t really need the advantages of Docker you should just run the programms normally on the OS.

Otherwise your need images of the software you want to run. You could create them yourself or look at the docker hub to find prebuilt one like these.
To get these up and running you just need to follow the description provided on the page.

Beware that containers don’t persist data so you need to save your data using volumes.

That is where things start getting interesting. I have pulled those exact two images and they start, but are not shown as active in portainer. Am I correct in thinking, that I have to enter all the provided -e, -v and so on commands in the portainer ui or are those informations provided by the image?

I thought it was easier and more elegant to run everything in docker instead of running it on the os. I have OVM installed. I don’t know how that effects the ability to run LMS and Squeeze on their own.

Indeed. Have you used the command provided by the creator (found on the docker hub page)? You are right that you need to provide the right arguments, otherwise the container might not work.

Do you know if there is an easy guide to tell me which command I have to enter where in portainer? Or a step for step guide for command line?

I strongly suggest that you only use portainer to see which containers are online and use the CLI to control the containers.
This Tutorial seems pretty solid.

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Many thanks for the brisk replies. I shall check the YouTube video and get back to you if there are more questions.

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