LMS with Docker - Scan do not find any files

Hello! I.m from germany,- sorry for my english. (school long ago)
I could install the new LMS (Logitech Media Server) with Docker / Portainer on my Asustore NAS.
I can start my Browser at Port 9000. The LMS- GUI has the function, that I can build a Medianame and than select the path where the music-files are.
Any try fail, the Scan- process fail any time. The process run, but it seems that the scan take place anywhere, but not in the music-path on my NAS.
What is the matter? - Is the something to change with my priveleges or must I configure any configuration file?
In my Scan-Log from the LMS I see this:
id => “localTracksOnly”,
name => “Nur lokale Titel (keine Streaming Dienste)”,
sql => " INSERT OR IGNORE INTO library_track (library, track) SELECT ‘%s’, tracks.id FROM tracks WHERE tracks.remote != 1 ",

For me it looks so, if the LMS has preconfigured doings!?- Maybe its hardcoded in the LMS-Docker Version?


Not sure that its a Docker question, but more a LMS question.
I know nothing about LMS or how it works, so my advice is that you find a different image and try that, or see if the image you’re using is having a github issues page where you can ask your question.

Since you can start the container and you can access it, i guess the docker part is working.

Just to be sure: you did mount a volume from the media folder of the nas to wherever the image describtion tells you to mount it into the container?

And you might want to share the exact configuration of your container, including the exact image repository and tag, so we can see how you configured things and may be able to spot what might need to be configured differently.

Hi! Thanks for answering! Sorry, but I don´t realy understand everything what You told me.

  • I don´t no what to do, so that You can see my container.
    What I can tell You is:

In my portainer is shown:

Host/volume Path in container
/Music /Music
/docker/lms/config /config
/etc/localtime /etc/localtime
5dff8fbc3b8a4da2b26761df1e42aa7b3a7aadebc4ba16aee92d63846efd731b /music
/docker/lms/playlist /playlist

On my 3302T- NAS there ist a Folder “Music” in the root from “volume1” with lot of flac-files.
For testing I got all Users full permission to it.
I made a test with another Programm (emby)- there must be a made a scan too, to configure.
I choose there “/volume1/Music” and it works.

In the LMS GUI there is shown

You see there is the “Music”- Folder.
But as I told the Scan failed, specially the Scan works but no files are proccessed.

Some month ago I had such a problem an my Macbook with a local LMS- Installation. The solution was, that Perl need a whole HD- Access.

But in my Case now??
Sorry, but I have no Idea in the moment.

Yes, it could be the case, that this now docker- theme, but the LMS- Forum seems to know such problem, but no resolution. If I understand well, there are user who become this problem too after the Perl- Version changes at the Asusstore after update.
I must tell you that I´m only a simple User and I cannot understand all what is written in the context of the Probs.- All about using docker / portainer for using LMS do I trying out by reading WWW.
The NAS is a another Part of.- The Container creating takes part via Commands in a SSH. There are different discriptions. - Only this worked to create my container:

admin@BN-K:/ $ sudo docker run -d \

–name logitech-media-server
-v /docker/lms/config":"/config:rw
-v /Music":"/Music:ro
-v /docker/lms/playlist":"/playlist:rw
-v /etc/localtime":"/etc/localtime:ro
-e PGID=0
-e PGID=0

Regards and Thanks

What i notices yust now:

If i choose the under-folder from the GUI

I only can see under-folder in the lms. - the shown folders there i can´t see anywhere on my NAS.
A test-Folder under “Music” isn´t shown too.
Maybe the Path Configures in the code for creating the container are wrong?

Yes, I ´ve got it! LMS with container. installation works!
LMS with Docker run at NAS Asusstore 3302T, - if You had configured well!!
Great!- but near 3 Days working and braining!
It seems that is no Docker-Prob and no LMS- Prob.
You had to configure the container well. ---- This is the “magic”!