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Newbie - Multiple containers from one image - 1st launch of program quits when 2nd container user launches same program

(Dffeist) #1

Situation. Small high school using Chromebooks. Have several students wanting to learn Python.

Proposed solution. Set up docker with an image running Pycharm Education version. Launch several containers port -p 5902:5901 for 1st container, -p 5903:5901 for 2nd container and so on for VNC access.

Issue, 1st user logs in and launches Pycharm all is good. 2nd user logs in and launches Pycharm, 1st user - Pycharm quits.

Question, is it possible to launch multiple containers to run multiple copies of the same program from a common image as described? If so, what should I be looking at?

Thanks for any advise you may have or pointing me to the solution that describes the setup I should be looking at.


(Nathan Le Claire) #2

Yeah, definitely. You should be able to docker run -d myimg all day long without issues (well, until your computer runs out of resources :slight_smile: ).

What do the docker logs for the container say?