Same apps within different ports , image problem

version 4.22.1 (118664)
Windows 10 Pro 22H2

i am using same apps within different ports as shown below

as you see only the first one shows the image. And also when i checked he container that doesnot show image i have an error ““An error has occurred while fetching the container files””". so is it possible to copy the image file to the other containers? any ideas pls

Please share how you created both containers.

If you show us the exact docker run commands or compose file content in case docker compose was used, we can actually get an idea of what’s happening.

You can create a many containers based on the same image as you want, as long as you make sure they don’t bind the same host folder to container folders, and don’t publish the same host port. There is no such things as copying image files to containers.

And where do you have that error? On Docker Desktop UI? In command line/powershell?

Hi Metin , here is the commands that i used for two different containers;first one is for port 9001 the seocnd one is for 10001 port

docker run -d -e minima_mdspassword=xxxxxxxxxx -e minima_desktop=true -v C:\Users\ADMIN\minimadocker9001:/home/minima/data -p 9001-9004:9001-9004 --restart unless-stopped --name minima9001 minimaglobal/minima:latest

docker run -d -e minima_mdspassword=xxxxxxxxxxxx -e minima_desktop=true -v C:\Users\ADMIN\minimadocker10001:/home/minima/data -p 10001-10004:9001-9004 --restart unless-stopped --name minima10001 minimaglobal/minima:latest

on docker desktop is the SS

The two command should create two containers from the same image. Just with the difference that both publis the container port range to a different host port range.

It appears like an ui bug to me.

Does it show everything correct, if your run docker ps -a?