No graphs on container stats

Hi all

Can anyone advise me on this ? I see graphs on other peoples’ stats, but mine does not show …

Which version, which operating system?

Docker 4.19.0 (106363) and Windows 10 Pro

The current version is Docker Desktop 4.30.0 (Not Docker version). Can you update to a newer version? I can see the graphs in that version. If you had any problem with the latest version, you should still try a more recent version.

I hear you. However, too many people had problems and could not get Pi Node running with later docker versions. They all had to downgrade to 4.19.
If it means I must go without the graphs, so be it. I thought it was some configuration problem.

It is either a bug or it was always that way in Docker Desktop 4.19. I don’t know. I never really open that tab, but I don’t think you could misconfigure it.

If you need to visualize CPU and memory usage, you can search for “Monitor” on the Extensions tab and install an extension like ContainerWatch, Tachometer, Resource Usage or Live Charts.

Cool, thanks for the help …