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No matching manifest for linux/arm/v7 in the manifest list entries

I’m trying to find an image for a raspberry pi 3 which has the “latest possible” jre or jdk (java).

I found on the web that putting into a Dockerfile FROM openjdk:8-jdk-alpine works. As a newbie, as far as I understand openjdk is the provider/cathegory and 8-jdk-alpine is the version I’d like to pull from docker hub. Now this version does not fit my needs because I want an earlier version.

  1. How do I search on docker hub for the list of jdk for a particular arquitecture in this case arm/v7?? Is there a way?
  2. How do I hopefully commandline list all versions with details (namely cpu arquitecture) for a given repo/provider/cathegory?

Any other consideration is mostly welcome.



You go find the image on, in this case:
Docker Hub

then go to the “tags” tab, and find the one for your needs :slight_smile:

I already went through that, but given a tag, how do I know the needed arquitecture is supported? or given an arquitecture, how do I know which are the supported tags?

If you use the site i linked, you will see ARCH next to the image name

if its in the list, its supported

Ok, one step further, but the list of images is huge, no way to filter a specific arquitecture linux/arm/v7?

im afraid not, the best you can do is searching for the version you want, like “8-jdk-alpine” and see if there is a arm version

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