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How to Connect Docker Container Inside OpenMediaVaul to MySQL Database


I have a single board PC from the company Pine64 called the Rock64 and I have installed OMV (OpenMediaVault) that is Debian based to it.

I’m trying to setup Nextcloud and was recommended to install it through Docker. Nextcloud requires MySQL/MariaDB so therefore also installed this through Docker. However, I wanted to install PHPMyAdmin so that I could easily manage my Databases, but haven’t been able to get it work on the ARM64 chip. On the OMV forum I was told to create a Docker network and place Nextcloud, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin together so they could communicate with one another.

Due to not being able to find a working Docker PHPMyAdmin image that would work with an ARM64 chip, I have now removed the MySQL image from Docker leaving only Nextcloud installed. Instead I have installed MySQL, PHPMyAdmin and NGINX (the latter used to run PHPMyAdmin) through the ‘apt-get install <package_name>’ commands using a SSH connection to the Linux system that OMV is built upon.

The OMV Admin Panel accessed through a web browser on a remote computer already runs on NGINX using TCP port 80 so I have set PHPMyAdmin’s port to 8080 and this is accessed via On this specific page I created a PHP file to display the PHP information; also a way to confirm PHP is working with NGINX.

With MySQL setup this is accessed via Because Nextcloud is webpage based I decided that port 8888 shoule be used to prevent conflict with NGINX’s OMV and PHPMyAdmin sites giving me

My problem I have is connecting Nextcloud inside a Docker container to the packages installed the the underlying OS.

Has anyone got any ideas how this can be achieved?

Many thanks